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Subject: kinky
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dehanna 4.06.10 - 01:31pm
would u make a woman hancuff u to the bed. *

drezz 4.06.10 - 02:59pm
Yea i would luv u to handcuff me....... would u? *

benjah3 18.06.10 - 06:59pm
sure i luv when girls are naughty lol! *

swtchoco 28.06.10 - 02:57pm
No.. I will never do.. I want Love with Heart and dont like to force for anything with sweet girls like you.. mwah.GIF *

dehanna 29.06.10 - 04:36pm
why hun u wud love it *

swtchoco 30.06.10 - 01:01am
honey according to me I am a Person believe that, if anyone don't respect female and make them happy in life.. Such people never be happy and live life with peace..
Hope you convinced honey.. *

dehanna 30.06.10 - 06:53pm
explain y u dont want to b hancuff *

badadan 27.07.10 - 03:13am
I wud wah s*xperience it

astec 17.01.11 - 11:05am
Id cuff u, tease u with my manho0d stroking tge outer partz of ur heaven only to plow my mushro0m deep into heavenz center before exploding like a volcano. *

me4u.pal 19.04.11 - 10:06pm
i like that astec *

prostand 2.09.11 - 06:04am
If girl luv to hand cuf, there nt any problem with that, *

prostand 2.09.11 - 06:07am
Woman ready to get hand cuf, its better make hard s*x with her *

whatia 26.08.12 - 03:21pm
i want to sex a girl *

kraig 29.07.13 - 05:16pm
I love to have a woman handcuff me n use me, really turns me on *

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